Your Subaru is ready for a summer adventure no matter where the road may go. But before Bedford drivers can set out on an exciting road trip, they will want to stop by the service center here at Ganley Subaru of Bedford to ensure that their Subaru is ready to roll.

There is nothing worse than having your car break down and being stuck on the side of the road. Which is why we want to give Cleveland drivers a few help pre-road trip tips that will ensure smooth driving. While most everyone in Cleveland Heights uses their phone for directions it is always a good idea to have a paper map and printed out directions of where you are going just in case. Also, be sure to pack a car charger and an external battery to make sure your cell phone has enough power. Another good pre-road trip tip is to leave a detailed plan of your travels with a trusted friend or family member so someone always knows where you are. An emergency roadside kit is another vital checklist item that should include jumper cables, road flares, duct tape, and bottled water.

You will also want to make sure that your Subaru is ready for miles of adventure and a few easy service items will go a long way to keeping you on the road. Changing your oil and rotating your tires are two great services that you will want to consider before hitting the road. Also, be sure to have your brakes and battery inspected as well as all exterior lights. All three of those service items are very important to your Subaru's performance when taking the road less traveled.

To schedule a time to bring your Subaru in for service give us a call or make an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon and hearing about your exciting, upcoming summer adventure.

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